God Awakening|Spiritual Block Removed |A Mom’s Healing

Hey lovelies,

I had the privilege of channeling healing for a sweet sister who really just needed a quick little release to gain the clarity needed to affect powerful change.

Arjenique, mom to a very active, bright 8 year old boy, candidly shares her profound experiences during a Toxic Cell Memory Release healing with me.

Her transformation inspired us to create two Facebook support groups which offer a safe space for those seeking alternative healing.

  • Sacred Soul Therapy | Survivors of abuse (Women only)
  • Sacred Soul Therapy | Parenting children with special needs

Please feel welcome to connect if it resonates.

Thanks for watching…

Warm hugs and lots of love,


2 thoughts on “God Awakening|Spiritual Block Removed |A Mom’s Healing

  1. Hi Hayley.Thanks for the information you sent.l have been learning about crystals and energy healing properties.I bought some of the black tourmaline.Im glad to discover so many secrets concerning my spirituality.Glad to hear from you.Stay safe and have good times


    1. Hello,

      Yes exploring Your sacredness is a wonderful adventure and you’re doing a great job learning about crystals…. it’s always important to protect our energy and black tourmaline is a powerful protector.

      I wish you endless magic along your journey,
      Lots of love,


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