999 Soul Adventure

Beloved Sister,

It is with heart-wide-open and pureness of intention that I invite you to join me on my transcendent 999 Soul Adventure. Come travel with me… Flow into the Magical & Mystical Lightness… of BE-ing LOVE.

The 999 Angelic frequency landed gently in my heart as the most loving way to powerfully support you in your release of childhood, ancestral and relationship trauma, recurring negative beliefs, toxic patterns, illusion and old paradigms, and to vibrationally guide alignment to your Soul expression as you create and manifest New Beginnings during your RE-Birth process.

During our 21 day journey together, you will be committing to and creating the change you desire. You will not be alone my love, you will share the magic of our sacred portal with like-hearted sisters and Celestial family.

21 day journey: 30th March – 20th April 2023
Toxic Cell Memory Release (TCMR) session: Saturday 1st April @ 3pm-5pm SAST
Via Zoom
Daily Spiritual Guidance and support for 21 days: +-15 minutes per day incl live video which you can watch at your convenience to ensure Conscious PURE LOVE Creation
Disclaimer: Time in my world is an illusion. Please blame Spirit if I go on a bit

Personal Investment: South African living locally: R999
Personal investment International: $99


The desire to know your own soul will end all other desires.


My darling, if you would like to be informed of future Soul Adventures or would like to feel into whether I am whom you are seeking to guide you along this journey, please feel welcome to connect with me.

Please Send Me a Message

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