Our Children

I believe I have a special affinity with children, my love for them is boundless joy and I feel incredibly humble when they respond openly and positively to their power within.

Sadly, children carry grief due to death, divorce, or lack of self-worth deeply, and this manifests as misbehaviour, depression, lack of concentration etc. I offer several holistic treatments with happy, healthy results, either in individual or group sessions.


I also offer Reiki and Shamballa Attunements to children of all ages. Some children show their sensitivity and empathy to others through their interaction with babies, animals, and nature… they are generally obvious little nurturers, gardeners, artists… some are loners, quite shy and others, boisterous rowdy fun! Each carries his or her own sacred vibration and the attunements invite a magical journey. With nurturing, they learn to lay their hands with pure intention. But, whether they consciously use it or not, they are Divine healers carrying Divine healing energy, so everything they touch is blessed. God energy always manifests perfectly, for the Highest Good of ALL.


I thoroughly enjoy my Kids Laughter Therapy sessions in the forest. Social media plays a huge role in creating anti-social behaviour and our time together allows for a re-connection with our inner-child and the hearts of those around us.  The group energy visibly changes as I watch them tune in to the magic.  All our workshops are facilitated with joyful, playful, sacred intent…


Rates and group therapy dates available on request.

Hayley Page-Smith, 2013-2019©

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