Spirit Consultations

Distance healing

All the Energy healing, Spirit guidance, Reiki and Shambala Attunements I offer transcends Time and Space…

There is no limit to my commitment to enlightenment as a Psychic, Lightworker, Healer, Teacher & Student.

If you would like to book a Distant Healing Session, Spirit Guidance Session, Reiki or Shamballa Attunement,  please contact me.

 Toxic Cell Memory Release (TCMR)

What is Toxic Cell Memory?

Our bodies are made up of billions of cells, which are constantly being renewed.

Modern science teaches us that our cells contain DNA which is the blueprint for the complete design of our physical bodies and dictates our emotional, mental and spiritual state. Our cells retain the information of all life experiences that have been absorbed from genetic heritage, nothing ever experienced whether positive or negative escapes being programmed.

Unresolved, our painful, fearful, traumatic experiences continue to replicate in new cells and is considered Toxic Cell Memory which eventually creates physical, mental and emotional disease in the body

What happens during a Toxic Cell Memory Release (TCMR) healing session?
I am simply a channel for God/LOVE energy which heals issues on every level. If you have never experienced a Spiritual healing, then it helps to know that during a healing with me, all that is required, is an open heart and the desire to heal. Our minds are conditioned to fear but our hearts feel truth. Please trust your heart. If you are not ready please wait until you are. This is a very sacred, high vibrational process, one in which I physically take on your energy and I far prefer connecting when you are ready to Let Go.

I always ensure my groups fully understand the healing process and are beautifully relaxed and open to the experience. I connect energetically to each participant and they are then guided to release their toxic memories. During a TCMR, participants are NOT required to share their memories or experiences unless they feel a desire to do so. Many people find it challenging to speak about their pain, anger or trauma, so this is ideal for them.
Participants are invited to release as much as they are ready to release during the session, and when I am guided, I’ll end the session by ensuring each person feels relaxed, energetically lighter and eager to embrace life with clarity, joy and purpose.

Reiki | Shamballa | Shaman dowsing | Chakra balancing | Full body scan healing  |  Online  | Distant

There are seven main chakras located along the central line of the body, from the base of the spine to the top of the head. When one (or more) of the chakras are blocked, it creates disharmony in all areas of life. During this session I connect to you energetically and use my own BE-ing to scan yours for toxic energy, to remove it (shaman dowsing) and to channel healing energy to you. I rely on Spirit guidance to ensure you feel light, balanced and grounded.

Spirit Guides

If you have always wondered who your Spirit Guide is, I will joyfully introduce you to him or her. Depending on what you’re experiencing at the moment, you may have other Guides or Masters assisting you along your journey. It is always incredibly comforting and exciting to know that you’re Divinely supported and guided through life. You’re welcome to prepare questions prior to your session.

Animal Totems
Animal Totem Spirit

During this session, I will connect you to your Animal totems. I am not limited to the belief that each soul is blessed with only one Spirit Animal as I have had the privilege of seeing almost the entire animal kingdom during a deeply profound and rather hilarious session with a client who is intrinsically connected to them. I also intuit messages from them.

Dragons  |  Fairies  |  Unicorns  |  Angels  |  Archangels

There are many wonderful celestial realms, each one offering us insight and guidance to our Soul mission. If you would like to connect with these incredible Light BE-ings, and in particular the ones travelling with YOU, be sure to prepare yourself for the magic they co-create with you! Your life will seem brighter, have profound meaning and you’ll constantly be drawn into nature to play.

Past Lives

To discover your connection to a certain country or place, or if you’re wondering whether you have karmic relationships to heal during this lifetime, exploring your past lives often reveals the complex tapestries our souls create to lead us to enlightenment. You may even be experiencing dis-ease with its root in a past life. I have discovered memories during Psychic Memory Release sessions dating back to past lives. The knowing allows us to Let Go and move on, lighter, clearer, happier.

Crossing Over 

Wondering about our loved ones on the Other Side (I call it Home) is completely natural. If you would like to have closure or have questions for your loved one, be prepared for a host of very excited Spirits to vie for your attention. Please note that when dealing with Spirit, there is no guarantee that the loved one you want to connect with will be available to come through.

Tarot Reading

My Tarot reading session is guided by your Spirit Guide, therefore purely concerns Your Soul Journey. Whatever is revealed, is vital to your enlightenment in that moment and does not entertain egoic needs for validation. If you feel lost, empty, at a crossroads, uncertain about a relationship, career, etc, consider a reading to bring clarity.

Please prepare your questions prior to your session.

I facilitate all Spirit Guidance sessions via email, Skype, phone, whatsapp or in person.


Hayley Page-Smith, 2013-2018©

6 thoughts on “Spirit Consultations

  1. Good morning Hayley,
    I woke up thinking about you today and feel a very strong connection to the Spirit world since our spiritual journey in Berlin. It was amazing seeing you after almost 30 years. It feels like a wonder the way we connected and I am looking forward to continuing my journey wih you!
    Love you and Blessings to you and your Family.


    1. My darling Rhonda, I am happy beyond measure that our reunion sparked your memory to pursue your bliss… When you feel you’re ready, your Reiki & Shambala attunements will bring further enlightenment, peace and acceptance of your journey as a Lightworker. It will also assist your cleansing of unhealthy energies within and surrounding you… Cleansing one’s space is a daily ritual I perform… the lighter the energy surrounding me, the purer, happier and more loving my BE-ing… I love you and anticipate our journey with Divine knowledge.
      Blessed BE…


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