When we shift from a fearful state of Being and learn to trust our body’s Divine nature to heal… magic happens…

As a teenager, I always had painful cycles but thought it was normal and up until 2 years ago, I didn’t realize that I had “problems” even though I knew something wasn’t right. 
I had my first surgery in 2017 and was told I had Chronic PID but after seeing another specialist last year (2018) I was diagnosed with Endometriosis stage 4. The diagnosis changed but my chances and dreams of having children naturally didn’t. I was told that the only way I could have children was to go through IVF and that I only had a year left of fertility. How do you even mentally and emotionally prepare yourself for that when you didn’t think that was the only way you would be able to have children and that there was such limited time? I’ve never felt so broken in my entire life. Last year (2018) we went through some financial trouble and couldn’t afford IVF. I thought for sure this was never going to happen for me. With faith and hope our financial situation turned around but I still needed to “prepare” myself. I was scared. Scared of the emotional toll it would take, scared of wanting this so badly and it didn’t work, or that I wouldn’t be a good mother. 
We decided to go ahead in August 2019 and I still put it off because I started a new job but I also knew it was just an excuse. I also worried about what other people might think because we’re not married. 

In July 2019 my sister referred me to Hayley. I didn’t think twice, if there was a glimmer of hope that this would help me know what I needed to do and feel at peace with it. 
The start of my session brought me to tears. Tears that gave me a sense of relief because I knew exactly what I wanted. There was no question. During the “scan” Hayley did to see where my blockages were, I could feel her energy. For sure, there were blockages in my tubes. After cutting all my trauma and fears in the session, she did a scan once more and I couldn’t feel a thing. Her words to me were “you don’t have those issues any more my darling, you’re whole and healthy”. For the first time, I felt a sense of calm, peace and hope. I left Hayley with a clear vision of what I wanted and to go ahead with it without any hesitation or fear. We immediately made an appointment with the fertility specialist and low and behold, even though it’s been over a year since my surgery, there’s still hope of my dreams coming true. 
It’s going to be a journey but I’m hopeful, happy and in a better space than I’ve ever been before. 
Of course I want this! Of course the IVF process will go well!  Of course I’m going to be a good mother! And I don’t care that we are not married yet because we both want this and I’m not living my life for what society thinks. What was I even thinking before?! Your mind can really be your own worst enemy. 
Thank you Hayley for helping me shift my mind and my heart by replacing all my negative thoughts and doubts with love and hope. 
Love and light, Sweet Butterfly.

Each client is wonderfully unique and I’m always excited to witness their transformation of Self after a healing with me…

Before we start I want to already say that I would absolutely recommend Hayley to everyone. It doesn’t matter what kind of help you need on a spiritual basis as I feel like there is nothing she cannot help you with. She is so pure and she really wants to help you and she wants the best for you. Hayley is a lovely soul. I met her first at the Spirit guide session, and she opened a whole new world for me. She amazed me. I really feel connected to her.

Before I had met her I felt lost on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. I just really needed some help.

My biggest struggle before I did the Toxic Cell Memory Release session with Hayley, was the physical pain in my body and the noticeable blockages I have had developed. For me the fact that I felt like an 83 year old lady, while just being 23 years old and also the lack of giving love and receiving love due to having divorced parents.

The biggest breakthrough was when I did the TCMR. I realized same day that the blockage in my throat was gone and my voice was back. Also for the Spirit guide en Animal totem session she gave me so much information about everything I was so curious about and I had the hunger to know. My world feels so much bigger now. I love it.

I hope I could help anyone who was wondering if Hayley was the right person for you. 

Love Naomi (The Netherlands)

A mom shares her A-Ha moment a couple of months after a surprise Toxic Cell Memory Release session with me.


I received this voice note from a client after her Toxic Cell Memory Release Healing for depression…

Depression TCMR image


When a wonderful opportunity to brighten people’s lives with a bit of Laughter Therapy comes your way…


A few heartfelt testimonials…

Amy Testimonial
KAP testimonial
Sameea Testimonial
Stephan Testimonial

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  1. I went to Hayley for Reiki healing and spiritual guidance, before I knew it I finished my Reiki course and Shamballa and now I’m helping others to see the light. My life will never be the same. Ive learned to let go of fear and hate and I replaced that space with love and abundance. I have changed into the person I always wanted to be and will be forever grateful.
    Blessed be



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