Making LOVE with Laughter was born out of a powerful intention to offer the deepest healing for all levels of Mind, Body, Emotions & Soul along with Inspirational, practical tools to ensure Joyful Wholeness.

After 37 years of carrying the trauma of a brutal rape within her BE-ing, Lynn Hill was Divinely guided to connect with Shamanic healer Hayley Page-Smith, who immediately felt a cosmic alignment to offer her healing. Lynn was a beacon of LIGHT and she certainly had not allowed her trauma to define her as a victim, instead she claimed it as the magical elixir to fuel her purpose. But as fierce as she valiantly faced the world, deep within, after a second rape at the age of 51, her fragility was evident to Hayley, who welcomed the opportunity to release Lynn from her toxic past.

“In my unhealed state, I used humor and laughter as a mask to hide my pain and sadness, at some point we all do. I am fully healed now, I am whole and I would love to share my WHOLE SELF with you as I share my TOOLS OF TRIUMPH.

Thanks to Hayley Page-Smith, fellow HEALER and whom Heaven used as a divine conduit to extract the Multiple Traumas I have needed to endure at a cellular level and who will co-facilitate this Workshop with me! I can’t wait for you to experience another dimension of release, healing and JOY! Join us in Cape Town on 30/11! . You owe it to yourself to end 2019 in the most awesome state you could have imagined and CAPE TOWN, you’re the first to be privy to this explosive experience!” ~ Lynn

“It is with absolute JOY that I invite you to join the exquisite Lynn Hill and I for an intimate, FUN, deeply powerful release of toxic energy, relationships and unhealthy behaviour as well as simple, practical, sustainable tools to ensure you mindfully nurture your Joyful Wholeness of Self.
If you are truly desiring a New Beginning for 2020, consider releasing your toxic past first. You’ll have clarity, a sense of Soul purpose, feel a Lightness of Being and LOVE of Self.
Darling, space is limited and our Early bird special closes on Friday 15th November 2019.
PS Releasing your trauma is sacred and confidential. You do not have to share your pain, unless you require clarity, in which case please discuss with me before the event. I can’t wait to hug you!!!” ~ Hayley

DATE: 30.11.2019
TIME: 9am – 12.30pm
VENUE: Milnerton, Cape Town
EARLY BIRD: R650pp (Closes 15th November 2019)

Book via: | WhatsApp: 083 367 0975

We look forward to welcoming you to our transformative event.

With love and light blessings…
Lynn and Hayley

Hello, if you’re interested in our workshop, please listen to the audio.
Music courtesy from
Details ♥♥♥

Our workshop takes place every Wednesday evening over a 5 Week period.
Date:  Please message me to receive details of our next workshop.
Venue: Cape Town
Time:  6:30pm - 8pm

A vision board or dream board is a powerful tool to assist in the manifestation of all you desire.

I am facilitating psychically guided workshops to aid in creating a vision board in resonance with the vibrational space you are currently in. I will tune into your energy to best guide you in setting intentions that are in alignment with your journey. As with all my workshops, FUN and maintaining a relaxed and easy flow of energy is vital to harmonious group work.

Space is limited by my choice to work with small groups. You are welcome to share with your friends and please chat to me if you would like to book a private group workshop with your own tribe.

Duration:  2 hours

Bring magazines, scissors, paper, pritt, colour pens or whatever you feel you’ll need and your board (optional:  You may prefer to use space on a wall at home) If you already have one but would like guidance to ensure it’s in alignment with your desire, bring it along, or take a pic for me to view on the day. The most important outcome of our workshop is that you feel confident in your intention and that you understand and trust the process. It’s super exciting to see your desire manifest, and when you allow it, beyond your wildest dreams.

Please contact me for booking details.


Rates available on request.

Hayley Page-Smith, 2013-2019©

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