Healing workshop

Healing workshop For MEN


I’ll be facilitating a series of Authentic Living Workshops, each designed to inspire the stripping away of old, fractured, dead cells and celebrating the wild and graceful unveiling of the One soul.

This is based on your level of vibration.

Vibration dictates your authenticity.

No judgment. EVER

You decide which level you resonate with.

Whatever is mirrored during the session must be authentically received and transcended.

This workshop is for the wild woman… the warrior… the winged.

Level  1

Low vibration

“Is this it?”

Socially conditioned.

Following preconceived patterns.

Starting to question life.

Feeling stuck and have no idea how to change your reality.

Intention:  The wild woman

Level 2

Medium vibration

“I know this can’t be it!”

Following preconceived patterns but seriously questioning everything.

Tuning in to synchronicity… starting to see signs…

Excited by the possibility of “out there” and already meditating and experiencing alternate living.

Intention:  The warrior

Level 3

High vibration

“This is it!!!”

Freedom of Self-expression reigns.

Transformational power is evident.

Creating and manifesting in a surrendered flow.

Living close to source.

In full awareness of your tribal drumbeat, your rhythm, your intent.

Intention:  The winged

Please contact me for booking details.


A vision board or dream board is a powerful tool to assist in the manifestation of all you desire.

I am facilitating psychically guided workshops to aid in creating a vision board in resonance with the vibrational space you are currently in. I will tune into your energy to best guide you in setting intentions that are in alignment with your journey. As with all my workshops, FUN and maintaining a relaxed and easy flow of energy is vital to harmonious group work.

Space is limited by my choice to work with small groups. You are welcome to share with your friends and please chat to me if you would like to book a private group workshop with your own tribe.

Duration:  2 hours

Bring magazines, scissors, paper, pritt, colour pens or whatever you feel you’ll need and your board (optional:  You may prefer to use space on a wall at home) If you already have one but would like guidance to ensure it’s in alignment with your desire, bring it along, or take a pic for me to view on the day. The most important outcome of our workshop is that you feel confident in your intention and that you understand and trust the process. It’s super exciting to see your desire manifest, and when you allow it, beyond your wildest dreams.

Please contact me for booking details.


Support groups are sacred spaces to share, to heal, to grow.

I am facilitating this group for women who feel lost in “translation”. You love your partner, but he has one or more children with an ex-partner. You are doing what you perceive is your best, but you’re deep down unsettled with your place in your space. The children are… hmmm… driving you to wonder what the heck you’re doing and how you can change your situation without losing YOU.

If you know me, you’ll know that I authentically say it like it is. This is not a meet for coffee and be nice social affair, but a pull up your sleeves and get down and dirty to affect positive change in the shortest time possible, commitment!

While in our sacred group space, I’ll be tuned in psychically to guide you… You’ll receive guidance tools for yourself, your partner and the children.

I am fully aware that not everyone feels comfortable sharing in a group, so I am also available to privately assist you or the whole family in reaching a harmoniously thriving state of living.

Please contact me for booking details.

Rates available on request.

Hayley Page-Smith, 2013-2017©

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