If you have been journeying through life weighed down by past trauma and you are ready to LET GO, I invite you to open your heart to Spiritual healing and the incredibly powerful Toxic Cell Memory Release (TCMR) I channel. During this session we travel back to your childhood and ancestral trauma and if necessary, as far back as the past lives responsible. We are guided and held by Spirit every step of the way and when done, you are blessed by the Divine’s Golden Ray, an exquisite Pure LOVE RE-Birth.

Beloved, welcome to my sacred space…

I am Hayley Page-Smith, an emissary for the one love vibration and naturally blessed as a pure love channel for those seeking Spiritual guidance, Soul deep Trauma Release, visits with Loved Ones on the Other side, Attunements to Reiki and the Multi-Dimensional Healing system of Shamballa, Shamanic mentorship or a Laughter Liberator.


A 21 day RE-Birth journey including Toxic Cell Memory Release healing



Laughter Therapy is a powerful Workshop to offer at Wellness events, for Teams in the workplace and at Private parties. As a STRESS BUSTER participants love it! It is FUN, hilariously powerful and unites the group in childlike playfulness, allowing barriers to drop, hearts to open and joy, harmony and peace to flow.


If you are at a crossroads in your life and need clarity, I connect with your Spirit Guides and Celestial family to channel guidance aligned to your Soul path. I offer Tarot as visual confirmation if desired. Please note that I do not do spells, castings or read your egoic vibration and tell you what you want to hear. I am here for those of you searching for sacred truth and inviting of the magic and transformation it promises.
60 Minutes
Internationals: $99
South Africans living locally: R999


It is with absolute love that I connect with your Loved Ones to offer an ease of heart. Grief is a lifetime affair which ebbs and flows and for some, the loss is debilitating. I have witnessed the joy of many clients receiving signs, messages and magically, even the sensation of feeling their Loved One nearby. I can’t guarantee that your loved one will show up, but we certainly do our best to invite them to join us. They are after all, simply a veil away and are as eager to connect, as you are.
60 Minutes
Internationals: $122
South Africans living locally: R1222


During a Shamanic Dowsing session, I connect to your Being and Spiritually channel a powerful release of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual Dis-Ease from past lives, karma and this lifetime. I scan your Being and remove blockages in both your physical and etheric bodies, I ensure your chakras are clear and vibrant and your energy feels gracefully grounded, light and calmly centered. Whatever I experience, I share in a voicenote for your record keeping.
60 Minutes
Internationals: $122
South Africans living locally: R1222


Many of us live in harmony with Earthbound Spirits, but sometimes, for the very sensitive, empathic and intuitive among us, it can be unsettling. Assisting these Souls in Crossing over, is one I am lovingly committed to honouring. I practice Shamanic clearing for spaces all over the world. I am available in person for those residing in Cape Town. Each clearing is as unique as entities are but my channeling is ALWAYS Pure LOVE & LIGHT, in service with the Archangelic Realm.
Duration varies depending on space
Internationals: Please enquire
South Africans living locally: Please enquire



This Sacred Attunement to REIKI (God Energy) is for you if you are looking for a deeper, more meaningful way of BE-ing in Spirit, whether for your own personal transformation or as intention to attune your BE-ing as a Spiritual/Energy Healer. It aslo serves as the perfect foundation to prepare you for receiving Activation to the Multi-Dimensional Healing System of SHAMBALLA.

This life transforming Activation is for Reiki Masters desiring an Attunement to the Multi-Dimensional healing system of SHAMBALLA. In total, you will receive 12 Activations/Attunements including 352 etheric symbols with the assistance of your I AM Presence, Ascended Masters, Archangels, and other Beings of Light and Love from the Higher Dimensions.

I am pure love 
a sacred Expression of the Divine


I am here for you, Divine Lightworker, Server, Seeker called to dive deep into your Shamanic medicine. You who yearn to travel beyond the veil to realms you feel beckoning. You who dream of adventuring alongside gifted ancestors and not only accessing, but powerfully re-aligning to your treasure trove of past life wisdom and supernal abilities. 

If you long for mentorship and feel we may be a cosmic match, please request more information. This is an incredibly sacred journey to share with another soul and there is an alignment process to follow to ensure your Shamanic Unveiling flows as Divinely planned.


Upcoming Retreats

My Sacred Soulove Retreats are located near Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa. I also offer Retreat facilitation for Private Event bookings.


“Hayley’s serene, caring, loving demeanor is embraced by all and what makes her retreats so very special. I felt free, loved and calm from the moment I arrived. After my spiritual healing, I felt incredibly humbled, blessed and energetically relieved. I’ve never felt the peace and happiness I experienced while I was there. Her retreats are life-changing.”

~ Sumi Engelbrecht

Hayley Page-Smith, 2013-2022©

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi Hayley. I would like to find out about a private consultation for Trauma and PTSD.
    I’m suffering from severe anxiety and cannot be in a group situation or around too many people. I hope you can assist me.


    1. Dearest Taryn,

      Please accept my apologies for my super late reply but I did not receive notification of your message. If you are still seeking healing, please feel welcome to connect with me on WhatsApp or Telegram and I will voice note you. My contact no is 083 367 0975.

      Warmest Angel Hugs and lots of LOVE,


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