Beloved Soul,

I am so happy you are here.

Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells, which are constantly being renewed.

Modern science reveals that our cells contain DNA which is the blueprint for the complete design of our physical bodies and dictates our emotional, mental and spiritual state. Our cells retain the information of all life experiences that has been absorbed from genetic heritage, nothing ever experienced whether positive or negative escapes being programmed.

As a child you may have felt unloved, invalidated, bullied, or more tragically, you may have been abused by a “loved one” or suffered grief at the loss of a parent, you may even to this day, not know who your parents are. Unresolved, these painful, fearful, traumatic experiences continue to replicate in new cells, and is considered toxic cell memory.

“The cell memory whether it is healthy or diseased is carried and passed onto each new generation of cells” ~ Deepak Chopra

The toxic memory of feeling unloved and invalidated as a child, affects future behaviour in relationships as the lack of love, low self-esteem, and desperate need to be validated attracts unhealthy experiences.

As the cells become more toxic it eventually creates physical disease in the body. Emotionally the negativity continues to grow, affecting all spheres of your life. You feel stuck in a dead end or high stress level job, you’re unhappy in a relationship with a partner, parent, child or friend, feel life is simply too much to bear, or unspeakable trauma has you hanging by a fragile thread and you can’t seem to “get over it”.

You reach a point where you physically feel sick. Change seems overwhelming. You feel confused. Helpless. Exhausted. You know something has to change.

I invite you to feel into the possibility that the harmful CONTROL toxic memories possess over your choices, can be released. There are many healing modalities available to you, explore your options and choose the one that feels right for you. If you choose a healing session with me, know that I am a channel for Spirit to flow through and feel your trauma within my BE-ing. I practice deeply sacred rituals to serve in this way and invite you to please only connect if you are open to Spiritual healing.

Next, prepare to take responsibility for creating a new way of being. Realise that you’ll feel differently towards the people connected to your memory. You will feel empowered to change what is no longer serving you.

My darling, when you are heart ready to LET GO of the trauma you’ve been carrying and I mean TRULY READY TO LET GO, I will be Soul happy to channel your Release and RE-Birth for you.

Absolute change IS possible when you are open to healing on this level.

Once the healing session is done, you are in the flow of your RE-Birth and will continue to powerfully affirm the creation of pure, healthy vibrant cells. Your experience will be as unique as you are and you will feel the shift energetically empower you in subtle, profoundly miraculous ways.

“I wanted to share with you my experience of having the blessing of the Toxic Cell Memory Release session with my beautiful sister Hayley guiding me through it. I was blocked in several ways by my old traumas and could not find proper way to work myself through it and see the results as I wanted. I was constantly dropping out of my flow and it made me often anxious that I would never fully be able to feel as I belonged and deserved the good things in life, Hayley has shown me the way and walked me through it. After the session there was like a pop and things started appearing in my life. For the past year now I have been going through tremendous amounts of adventures big and small and enjoying every moment of it and then I have also had to deal with incredibly difficult events as well but what would possibly have destroyed me before has been giving me even more focus on using my powers given in life dealing with hardship because I know that we are all here connected and I am blessed to feel that connection I had and have with Hayley still today. Even if we hold the deepest of sorrows and traumas that have happened in our lives there is still ways to work through them with the amount of loving kindness as Hayley has shown me. I can tell all of you that have been blessed by knowing Hayley and received her wisdom and healing that you have truly been blessed by the most warmhearted woman. -Thank you Sister from the roots of my heart.”

Hulda Lilja gudmundsdottir – iceland

Private Trauma Release Spiritual RE-Birth Session

2 hours
Internationals: $333
South Africans living locally: R3333

Group Trauma Release Spiritual RE-Birth Session

2 hours
Internationals: $155
South Africans living locally: R1555

Private Maintenance Sessions

I offer Trauma Release Maintenance Sessions to energetically support your RE-Birth. You are invited to book a private session or join a group (Please message me to be added to the waiting list) as many times as you feel called. Each session will reveal a deeper level of release and empower your expansion of Self in ever-unfolding joy.

60 minutes
Internationals: $99
South Africans living locally: R999

Please note there is a waiting list for All Group sessions.

If you have any questions or would like to book your session, please message me below.

Until we meet, sending warmest Angel hugs and loving blessings your way.

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