Laughter Therapy

Life should be a lovely cocktail of joy, love, peace, happiness, good health and harmony… Instead, most of us experience stressful challenges which drain our best intentions.

In the workplace

Our work einvironment presents an opportunity for us to grow our skills, our self-confidence and to develop lasting relationships with those we work with.

It’s a place where we should thrive, but unfortunately for many, it is a hub of stress, conflict, lack and dissatisfaction. Without access to helpful resources, employees may experience lasting physical, mental and emotional dis-ease which leads to low morale, absenteeism and a decrease in productivity.

Stress symptoms

Feeling anxious and startling easily
Extreme worry, guilt, anger or hopelessness
Irregular sleep patterns, troublesome dreams, restless sleep or insomnia
Chronic fatigue
Emotional numbness and insensitivity to others
Depression and lack of energy
Feeling alone or isolated
Easily overwhelmed
Acting aggressively
Unable to focus

My laughter journey

In 2007 I received certification as a Laughter Yoga Leader and now, after many years facilitating for groups of diverse demographics, I am more passionate than ever to activate this incredibly powerful stress-buster for those who desire value based wellness. My intuitive gifts naturally enhances my facilitation, allowing me to tap into the unique needs of each group, elevating the outcome to serve the very highest good of all present.

Just 30 minutes of Laughter Flow raises energy levels, sparks creativity, sharpens our focus and sends feel good hormones soaring! Employees feel relaxed, valued and inspired to offer their best on every level.

Laughter Quickie at a wellness event

Towards the end of 2021 stress was at an all time high for many people and social distancing was vital, especially indoors. When I was asked to facilitate Laughter Quickies at the Wellness event of one of our beautiful Cape Wine Farms, I jumped and grabbed it with both hands. It was such incredible fun! I had so missed the magic and joy people create during a session. This was one of my favourite groups on that day. I love observing each participants’ energy as they enter… there’s often a bit of apprehension, no eye contact, insecurity and anxiety… But once we start, they soon realise they look as ridiculous as I do… barriers drop and energy flows. Magic!

“Tread softly, breathe peacefully, laugh hysterically.”

Nelson mandela

Recommendation for Laughter Meditation

“Laughter Meditation? 
What is that? 
This is the thought that ran through my head when I first heard of it. When Hayley stepped into the room, it’s like that foggy cloud of uncertainty and unhappiness just lifted.  She has this aura about her that just resonates positivity, love and sunlight; it’s absolutely intoxicating. 
The rush of blood to the head and heart, as well as the feeling of release was so phenomenal, that I would recommend everybody to try it.  You have absolutely no idea how much you have to let go, until you actually allow yourself to let go. 
It was the funniest thing ever, yet it was one of the most relaxing classes I had ever taken. You have to give it a try before you dismiss it.
Beware, your tummy will ache afterwards, but it’s an absolutely awesome feeling.
Thank you Hayley.  Writing this just made me smile all over again, something I needed today.”

Robyn @ipreo

I offer various Laughter sessions including the Laughter Quickie | Fake it till you make it, Laughter Flow | Stress Release and Laughter Healing | Trauma Release. If your employees experience PTSD and work related stress please chat to me. I am happy to adapt my sessions to suit your needs.

Please connect to find out more.

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