Sacred Soul Retreat  |  A Celebration of Self LOVE   
7th – 9th December 2018

RETREAT 071118

This is our last gathering for 2018. You are warmly invited to join us for a collective exhale, a Spiritually guided release on the deepest level and a renewal of commitment to honour your Divine Soul plan… you’ll experience a magical weaving of Spiritual love energy for Self… an affirmation of wholeness and the joyful expansion of BE-ing.

I will be channeling Spirit Guidance, ritual, sacred circles, meditation, dance flow, artistic expression, lots of self loving and finally our LOVE celebration. As with all my offerings, this is merely a guideline. I am surrendered in the vastness of my Spiritual flow and the Soul commitment I have with each sister present. I am beyond excited and deeply humbled to have this opportunity to channel with my purest intention for your very highest good.


Date:  Friday 7th July to Sunday 9th December 2018
Venue:  Somewhere magical near Cape Town
Fee: R3 600.00pps 
Deposit: R1 500 confirms your space

Fee includes accommodation (sharing), all (mostly vegetarian) meals, and facilitation.
Private rooms must be requested when booking and if available, please note an extra fee may be charged.

Bookings for this retreat closes Wednesday 7th November 2018.

 Please message me for more info and banking details.

Lots of love & magical blessings,



Sacred Soul Healing Retreat  
27th July – 29th July 2018

My darling,

I offer a magical flow of channeled Toxic Cell Memory Release healing, Spiritual guidance, Guided meditation including silence, laughter, chant & dance, Sacred Sisterhood ritual and unconditional pure LOVE energy.
Whatever you desire or are seeking, you’ll find clarity and the absolute freedom to simply… BE.

In our sacred space authenticity and truth is nurtured and celebrated.


Date:  Friday  27th to Sunday 29th July 2018
Venue:  Somewhere magical near Cape Town
Fee:  R3 600.00pps
Deposit: R1 000.00 confirms your space. 

Fee includes accommodation (sharing), all meals (mostly vegetarian) and facilitation. 
Private rooms must be requested when booking and if available, please note an extra fee may be charged.

Bookings for this Retreat closes 30th June 2018.

 Please message me for more info and banking details.

Lots of love & healing light,


Sacred Soul Healing Retreat Info


Whatever you seek is within… love, success, abundance, joy, peace.

During our weekend together, I will Spiritually channel Toxic Cell Memory Release sessions to clear your being from negative energy influencing your choices and blocking your desire.

Whether your issue is a stagnant romantic relationship, an abusive relationship, your career, your parents, your children, your friends, extended family or YOU darling, change is simple. It is a decision followed by acceptance followed by action.

I offer you, a Soul Fix.

This highly advanced Energy Medicine will FAST FORWARD your healing transformation.

It is mentally and emotionally exhausting, physically rejuvenating and spiritually exhilarating.

All this deep healing is balanced by meditation, walks in nature, silence, peaceful rest, healthy meals enjoyed around a crackling fireplace,  sharing in sacred circle ritual to ground our energy and to practice affirming new beginnings. In this space  authenticity is celebrated… peace and compassion is the loving thread that binds all. You will find LOVE here.

This is a SISTERS only retreat.

Our intention is pure unconditional LOVE.

Much love,

Hayley ♥

Sacred Soul Fix Retreat

Sacred Soul Fix Retreat

Sacred Soul Retreat


Our Sacred Soul path is a journey of authentic BE-ing… join me in embracing the warrior, the tribal, the ancestor within…

Free Your Soul

Free Your Soul Retreat

Magical ME!!!

Magical me

Free Your Spirit

Free your spirit Retreat

All my Retreats promise soul food for mind, body, emotions & Spirit… a seeking and embracing of the Divine wellspring within…


a flow and dance of the senses… a celestial shift in BE-ing… joy… magic… miracles abound when you trust, feel, surrender…

Forest Healing 171211 038

to absolute guidance… schedules and plans are shelved during our time together…

…instead, I request your trust in my promise of the shift in consciousness you require at that moment…

…a reawakening of soul purpose and a celebration of your Spirit.


Rates available on request.


Hayley Page-Smith, 2013-2018©

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