Beloved Soul,

I am a devoted servant of the Divine’s Pure LOVE vibration which I channel to guide soul clarity and spiritual insight. I feel incredibly blessed to be able to connect you to your loved ones on the other side to ease your grief and invite closure. I experience the Spirit world as naturally as I do this Earthly one and in my shamanic practice, transcend spiritual realms and ancestral timelines to release trauma from your cellular memory created in past lives, karma and your present lifetime. I offer this healing process, called Toxic Cell Memory Release (TCMR), in my Trauma Release | Spiritual RE-Birth sessions . After your release you receive a powerful Activation to the Divine’s Golden Ray and alignment to your Soul Truth, experienced as a RE-Birth. 

I’ve had a lifetime to nurture the Spiritual gifts I was born with and there were many many times I felt humanly lost in the vastness of Spirit. Growing up I was raised in a Christian home and attended Christian schools, so I never dared to share the mystical world I so easily accessed or how very confused I felt in this human body as my spiritual abilities evolved. I was however, surrounded by the most incredible Celestial family including my Spirit Guide Athena, without whom I cannot imagine life here. She lovingly ensures that I continue to master absolute faith in Spirit as well as a deep trust in my ability to channel all manner of Spiritual Beings purely, as Divinely orchestrated.

Years ago during meditation, I spontaneously channeled an old shaman called Running Bear. I felt his loving presence so powerfully tears flowed uncontrollably. My heart recognised him. He was me. An aspect of myself showing up in Spirit to unveil more of my healing medicine and to guide my shamanic practice in this lifetime. In 2012 he blessed me with my medicine name, Walks Between Worlds.  

Again I cried. It’s incredibly humbling to be in Ceremony with Spiritual Beings beyond time and space and to feel the exquisite resonance of my medicine name awakening a truth uniquely mine to experience.

I was told I am a loving bridge for seekers of the unseen, beyond 3D time and space. For the believers and beamers of love that En-Lighten our world. That those meant to find me for whatever reason, will naturally flow to me. And so it is.

I lovingly embrace my journey as teacher and mentor and have had the privilege of attuning students to the Independent Intentional Reiki system of natural healing and the incredibly powerful, highly transformative, Multi-Dimensional healing system of Shamballa, The Ascended Masters and Violet Tribe, for over 20 years.

Laughter Therapy flowed into my path in 2007 and I loved it! Facilitating Laughter Workshops allows me to bring joy and healing into Work spaces for Team building, Wellness events, Year end functions and for all manner of parties in the Private sector. Laughter Therapy is a sneaky healer and offers the most FUN!

At my simplest I am a barefoot, nature loving, tribe gathering minimilist choosing to do my best in every moment. I believe each challenge I experience offers me an opportunity to truly surrender into the absolute Faith that I am held, that letting go of ego and separation leads to a graceful alignment with my soul expression. Practicing daily rituals including Gratitude helps me to be present as the most powerful, peaceful, loving aspect of myself. Only then am I able to serve as Spirit intended.

Special LOVE Note

This message if for you, my Soul family. It is my purest desire that if you shared a moment in time with me during this exquisite lifetime on Mother Earth, that you feel my soul’s deep gratitude and pure love for you always. That if I have hurt you in any way, may I offer Ho’oponopono to bring our vibration back into sacred balance.

I am so sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you
I love you

It is my most loving intention to continue my journey in harmony with all life.

And so it is.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ~ Rumi

 I am here for you. Divine lightworker, empath, deeply sensitive BE-ing awakening to your inner wisdom and craving sacred insight to radiate your unique truth, your light, in our world.

You are not alone.

Feel so very loved.

Warmest Angel hug blessings

What People Say

Probably the most profound healing session I have ever experienced came from doing the Toxic Cell Memory Release (TCMR) healing with Hayley. Hayley holds you gently but also takes you to the depths of your soul and helps you release anything that no longer serves you. What a powerful clearing. I can’t recommend Hayley enough.

Nicky Hartel

“The best decision I made this year was embarking on my Shamanic journey with Hayley (Walks between Worlds). Every session is an adventure guided by Spirit. We started with my medicine name and then journeyed with fire. Awakening and activating gifts within myself. Meeting spirit guides, healing past lives and going with the flow. I have grown as a person as my soul has reawakened. I am seeing more clearly my soul purpose.

claire thompson

She held me so beautifully the whole way through my TCMR week and let me tell you it was some rough SH!T I was clearing! It was the most difficult week of my life, but it was just incredible at the same time. I’ve experienced lots of different healings especially being a healer myself but this was next level.

lyndsey shelley

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Hayley Page-Smith, 2013-2022©

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