What you seek, is seeking you. ~ RUMI


Beloved Soul,

This Sacred Attunement to REIKI (God Energy) is for you if you are looking for a deeper, more meaningful way of BE-ing in Spirit, whether for your own personal transformation or as intention to attune your BE-ing as a Spiritual/Energy Healer.

Your decision to be attuned to REIKI is a wonderful confirmation of your connection to the Divine and intention to serve as a healing channel of Light in our world.

I practice Independent Intentional Reiki healing as taught by Dr Mikao Usui who blesses me with his loving presence during my Attunements. I deeply honour his guidance to ensure my students are aligned to FEELING Reiki flow through them and share valuable rituals and tools I use to serve as a Lightworker. I love our time together which is a lovely balance of sacred and Fun… As it is mostly “Hands On” dress comfy my love and prepare to play with energy.

During your attunement you will receive 9 Tibetan symbols, each one vibrating a unique healing frequency. Reiki I, invites you to heal on the Physical level; Reiki II, on the Emotional and Mental levels beyond time and space; and Reiki III and Master, on the Spiritual level, which encourages a lifetime commitment to serve as a healer and when you’re ready, to teach and pass Attunements to students.

By receiving this sacred attunement, you are blessed with the release of emotional, mental and Spiritual blockages, inviting you to healing past traumas to ease your future journey.

Please note that I do not teach theory. I simply guide your surrendering as a hollow bone to channel Reiki which heals with or without your understanding, control or knowledge

You will also receive Reiki Manuals and your Reiki I, II, III & Master Certificate.

As your Reiki Master, I remain intrinsically linked to your Soul Journey, and welcome a long, joyful, enlightening relationship.

If you feel called to follow this path with me, please message me below.

Private Attunement

3 hours
Internationals: $444
South Africans living locally: R4444

Group Attunement

3 hours
Internationals: $222
South Africans living locally: R2222


This life transforming Activation is for Reiki Masters desiring an Attunement to the Ascended Masters, the Violet Tribe and the Multi-Dimensional healing system of SHAMBALLA.

In total, you will receive 12 Activations/Attunements including 352 etheric symbols with the assistance of your I AM Presence, Ascended Masters, Archangels, and other Beings of Light and Love from the Higher Dimensions.


A Spiritual awakening… an incredible sense of Oneness with ALL that is…

A purer connection to your I AM Presence, Ascended Masters, Guides, Angels & Archangels, and other Celestial BE-ings of Light…

A sense of empowerment allowing you to consciously change what can be changed, to release what is no longer serving your harmonious new way of life, and to choose and integrate new ways of BE-ing on all levels in Life…

A deeper more profound gratitude and love for Mother Earth and your role as a Lightworker to protect her, our way of life and all Living Beings…

You’ll experience a heightened awareness of your sensory and healing abilities, an obvious physical shift in energetic flow through your Being and out of your palms…

You will feel a letting go of ego, of social expectation and a Freedom that will invite a richer, healthier, happier more adventurous journey…

I Spiritually guide the creation of a portal uniting us within a vortex beyond this realm which will be charged with Shamballa energy, raising our vibration and allowing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual releases in the lower dimensions before activating alignment to the higher dimensions. It is a deeply profound, en-lightening experience which you will FEEL Flow very powerfully through your BE-ing.

We each transform according to our own will and I have witnessed incredible growth in students who joyfully celebrated and embraced the liberation of their I AM, inviting an infinite surrender to the magic aligned to SHAMBALLA.

As a “Lightworker, Channel, Medicine Woman, Shaman” your intuition is vastly enhanced and healing sessions are a flow of creative expression. Guidance flows to you in a kaleidoscope of colour, sound & touch which allows for powerful healing experiences.

The Multi- Dimensional Healing System of SHAMBALLA is an endless expansion of PURE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, a RE-Birth of Soul within the Violet Tribe and and your Reaffirmation as an emissary of the Violet Ray.

Private Attunement

4 hours
Internationals: $555
South Africans living locally: R5555

Group Attunement

4 hours
Internationals: $333
South Africans living locally: R3333

If you have any questions, would like booking details, or want to be notified of future events, please message me below.
I look forward to connecting, until then sending SHAMBALLA Love & Light blessings…

Warmest Angel hugs,

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Hayley Page-Smith, 2013-2022©

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